This Park Slope townhouse is featured in, and they've got our bins!

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While going over the traffic to our website which I do once a week (- and which I'm happy to see has been increasing in the past 4 months), a website called was suddenly referring many new visitors over to I really think you'll fall in love with the home's pictures, and I'm not just saying that because kaikai & ash cubes are in there, but to see how beautiful this couple's remodel of their Brooklyn townhouse is! I'm looking at it still gushing and dreaming of what it'd be like waking up in a home like that everyday - but excited that our cubes could be a tiny part of their tremendous vision. Thank you for including us!

Jack and Jill kids’ rooms are fronted by a library/play space. The Canvas Storage Boxes on the shelves are from Kaikai & Ash.


a sculptural plaster stairwell.


a dramatic double-height kitchen - “Plain English style meets modern Shaker.”

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