our story

Thank you so much for being here! I'm excited for you to dig deeper behind our brand, designs and most importantly, our mission.

First, let me introduce myself - I'm Johnny, Dad to Kylie and Ashley. I do a lot to stay close and connected to them, and one thing I particularly care about is nurturing their curiosity for the world (and their keeping their room tidy with our storage bins!) My hope is that it helps them to grow up more open-minded, and embracing of everyone's differences.

Young Explorers

Like most families, we love exploring and traveling to new places. From packing at home to arriving at the destination, that expansive feeling of anticipation, curiosity and new possibilities is so amazing to share. Whether it's a trip through Kyoto, an Amtrak journey across the U.S. or camping in Montana's Glacier National Parks these are the most memorable and magical times, especially when I experience them completely wide-eyed and curious through my children's view.

When you're seeing your kids totally engaged, playing and interacting, asking questions about what they're seeing - Mom / Dad, you are doing it! You are nurturing exploration and curiosity in your kids. Trust me, it's an expansive trait you are building in them.

Our Designs

That's what I want to keep doing for my kids, keep them curious and wanting to explore the world. They're right alongside me, as my main designer, Mona, and I create each city's design for the storage bins. We research the city together, read about what makes it special, what's popular there, and dig deep into other interesting facts. Each time one of them share what they've found particularly interesting about the city (or country, too), I am giving myself a pat on the back - they're curiosity never fades.

Our Mission

We want to inspire your children, building a curiosity and wonder for the world, by creating attractive designs that have them asking, "what's that?" as they point to the Eiffel Tower.

Founder &

Creative Director