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Free Shipping

Get free shipping on any order of only 3 or more boxes.

US Domestic Shipping Rates

We'll ship using the lower rate of either Fedex Ground and USPS Priority Mail to your address. All items are shipped from our Middletown, NY warehouse.

International Shipping Rates

Your shipping rate is based on either originating from our New York warehouse or our Taiwan warehouse (for orders in/around Asia), whichever is the lower rate of the two. We’ll reach out to you after your order to confirm the rate.

Are your boxes truly 13” by 13”?

Yes. They’re an exact 13” cube. So just make sure the inserts in your bookshelf is a bit larger than 13” (like 4 hairs wide is enough, literally!). The Ikea Kallax bookshelf is a perfect fit.

Do they fold flat?

Yea, they fold pretty flat, down to about 0.7” thick. That’s also how they’re shipped out to you.

Are they sturdy?

Very sturdy, as many of our Amazon reviewers have testified. Because a box that bends out of shape over time is a common gripe, we chose a thicker paperboard, but being careful not to add unnecessary weight.

Do you plan to make smaller sizes?

11.2” boxes (28.5cm) are expected to hit the shelves in February of 2018.

What bookshelves do you recommend?

There are quite a few. The two we know are Ikea Kallax, and Target Threshold.

Are you guys coming out with more cities?

 Absolutely! We can’t wait to get them out to you in early 2018. It’ll include many more US cities, and Europe and Asia as well. Check here for new designs, and for pre-order events of upcoming designs.