Kid & Coe - Rental listings curated especially for kids and families.

Posted by Johnny Wong on

Just when you thought AirBnB had it all covered, this amazing little website called Kid & Coe pops up and made my life easier during my kid's spring break. One of the things about AirBnB is that there's too many listings. And it's hard for us to tell, even from the pictures, if the listing is great for us and the kids. Cribs, toys, a good thick mattress, hosts that are ready to welcome families, kid-sized toilet seats - these things make a big difference for families on vacation right? So thats where Kid & Coe steps in, where every listing they have, has been thoroughly reviewed to meet their "family and kid friendly" criteria. I'm not sure, but I think they may have personally visited each property too, although that would get expensive for their company. However if it's true, I think I want to work there! Anyways, we booked this beautiful farm, and it was great. We recommend you guys to give Kid & Coe a look. 

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