Rome Explorers Guidebook

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We're excited to debut the first Explorers Guide of Rome. It's a well-researched, comic-book like journey through some very interesting histories and sights.

This guide book is one of the most eye-catching and engaging pieces of its kind out there.

Kids will follow a wondrous and brave Ashley, and a curious and knowledgeable Kylie (who's a Cat!) as they're led by their Enchanted Map.

From the Catacombs beneath Rome, the Roman Coliseum, and St. Peter's Basilica, as well as dining in a restaurant to learn about interesting Roman/Italian foods (Fried Sheep's Brain!) - this guidebook is better than a YouTube video for kids on Rome!

Our Story Cards are perfect to simplify the information, so kids don't feel overwhelmed. Use them to review or lookup what they've already learned.



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