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Almost 200 5-star reviews, and only a handful of 4-stars.

*As of Jan. 2018*


Why our customers love our product?

We Don't Cut Corners

Genuine cotton canvas, hefty paperchip board, and beautiful felt applique. Constructed and sewn by skilled seamstresses in our family-owned studio. The rest of storage boxes you find, although lower priced, are made with cheaper material and will quickly bend out of shape with just slightly bulkier items

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Inspired by the Nostalgia and Warmth of Handcrafts

All our storage boxes are made with natural-tone, cotton canvas. It's a wonderful addition to your modern country chic decor!

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Perfect fit for many bookshelves

Including the Ikea Kallax, ClosetMaid 1109, Foremost 327801, Target Threshold Shelves, and other Cube Organizers with 13" inserts.

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All Reviews are genuine.

Never paid for, and we're proud of that! Customers say our storage bins are "more impressive in person", and that "pictures don't do it justice". Thank You for Leaving Reviews!


"In our first year


families now have a kaikai & ash storage box. We can't be more thrilled and inspired."


"Cute, thick and durable canvas covering

Love the international city designs. These are the highest quality 13x13 cube boxes we have found. True thick canvas material." Overwhelming 5 Star Reviews on

— Jesse Ware, Devotion

"Love these cute storage boxes made in Taiwan.

I'm able to store lots of items inside whether papers or toys. We bought most of the international city designs as they are useful and fashionable. Great for organizing. I wish they will make ones with top covers as well." Overwhelming 5 Star Reviews on

— Jon Hopkins, Immunity

"I love the design

Very very sturdy. I wish it were less deep. No good for toddlers because they can't reach toys at the bottom." Overwhelming 5 Star Reviews on

— Will Saul, CLOSE