the creative process

ideas | Our toy storage cube designs are sparked by experiences or things that our daughters love. Each time an idea comes to light, I'll consult them. By asking, "Do you think we should design this?" we get a real, true opinion from the mind of a child. 

sketches | On occasion, Kylie will assert herself and sketch the very first drawing for us — giving us clarity on what a child would like to see in their playroom. After this, or after our own initial drawings, the sketches are worked over digitally until we love the visual. During the digitization and working up of the design, we must ensure that they have enough interest, but remain simple enough to be produced by our studio team. 

tooling | Once the fabric cube designs are sent to the studio, they have to make steel molds in the shapes which comprise the final picture. Subsequently, these are used to cut out the felt applique pieces which, together, create a fun, fresh toy storage box design for our passionate customers. 

colour | Picking out colors for the felt is a significant part of the process. We spend days mixing and matching palettes until we feel we have a great fit. We take our time and make the perfect choices, so that our toy storage bins stand out. 

prototyping | We'll meet with the studio once more to make important design decisions - which parts are felt, screen print, or embroidered. Often, difficult choices will lead to some compromises — but no compromise on quality, ever. The studio begins by making prototypes for us, going through iterations, and sometimes trying a different technique to remain true to our original designs.
materials | Once the prototypes are finalized, we go through the process of negotiating with fabric vendors — surprisingly a fun part— after which the studio orders a plethora of fabrics and canvas. With all the materials prepped and ready, the studio goes into production mode, and effectively the design disappears for two months. 

production | We're very proud that our fabric toy storage boxes retain elements of hand-craft, sewn by skilled seamstresses for that classic, human feel. This is one of the major reasons people love our storage cubes! It keeps the quality high, and the stitches tight and precise — if you don't want to take our word for it, you can always check out our reviews!
inspection | Once production is complete, our creative team goes to the studio, and we spend an entire week checking the fabric cubes. We scour for loose threads, we meticulously check positioning and margins of the designs. If the canvas is too loose, or looks wrinkled they are rejected. It's a tiring but rewarding process (our last run was 7000 bins) which further demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing our passionate customers with quality products.