our brand

The recipe for the creation of kaikai & ash was a simple one — born half of inspiration from my eldest daughter, Kylie, and half of parental frustration.

When Kylie was five we took to see her first ever art exhibit in New York City. Having always been an artistic child, she was inspired. So much so that for many weekends after, she hosted her own art exhibits by taping her drawings to the front of her toy storage bins.

Around the same time, we had been becoming stressed about the build up of clutter (it happens, right?) around our apartment. Seeing storage turned into miniature works of art gave me the inspiration for kaikai & ash.

Soon after, we set upon our journey to make colorful, fun, felt applique toy storage boxes. The idea took off, and we are currently featuring 40+ designs by our talented team of creatives. From cities around the world, to cupcakes and to cute animals, each box is thoughtfully inspired by experiences and objects that make my daughters’ squeal with delight — and hopefully your little ones too!

This journey has brought us closer as a family, and sparked a creativity in my daughters that parents can only dream of. From a chance encounter with an old friend who connected me with their sewing studio, to our first samples, to listing the boxes on Amazon, to our first order—it’s been incredibly exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling.

Over the last year, our 5 different collections, and over 40 designs, have landed on the shelves of amazing stores and boutiques like Wayfair, Bed Bath & Beyond, buybuyBaby, Palmer’s Market, Maison Baby, and more. 

There's more to come, so please join us, we'd love to have you along for the ride!

Johnny Wong
Founder & Creative Director