Bingbox Snow Cream

Posted by Johnny Wong on

Shaved Ice is trending these days here in NYC, and for good reason. We came across BingBox in the Lower East Side, gave it a try, and was really surprised with the fluffiness of this dessert. We wouldn't call it Shaved Ice in the traditional sense, nothing at all like a Hawaiian Shaved Ice Cone. The shavings are way more thinner. Think the most powdery snow day you can think of, like when you go skiing and fresh snow falls. Well, this is that fresh snow boxed up in their Bing Box, with some exotic Asian dessert toppings. And if you don't know Asian dessert, well, it's just another level of sweets and sophistication. Bingbox Snow Cream in the Lower East Side

125 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003

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