Organizing Tip - Make It Easy To Clean Up

Posted by Johnny Wong on

We all know this well - that it's much easier to get something than it is to clean it up.

So, make it super easy to clean up! It's harder than it sounds though, and we understand that, because you have to decide how to make it look good in the overall decor of your place too.

This is most important when it comes to kid stuff, but we can all benefit from this rule.

To increase the likelihood of stuff being put back in its place, use easy-to-access bins, baskets and hampers, simple filing systems, and wall hooks for frequently used items.

Obviously we recommend our storage boxes, because our design thought is that making the designs fun, makes the thought of cleaning up for a kid a little less cumbersome.

Check out our Unicorn Storage boxes that will be arriving in a month, on pre-order now at 10% off!

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