9 Reasons Why Every Kid Should Travel

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Toddler exploring the outdoors

9 reasons why every kid should travel as summarized by this family vacation travel company, Thomson Family Adventures

BTW, we've never tried using a Family Travel Company to plan our family's vacation, but in doing some research it looks very intriguing. Thomson places families with kids of similar ages on trips together so that they can make new friends during their adventure.

Ok, back to the 9 reasons. *I personally find reasons 3, 6, 8, and 9 to be incredibly true with my daughters on our camping trips and international trips.*

1. Travel is Learning

2. Travel Presents New Opportunities

*3. Travel Inspires Curiosity and Adventure

4. Travel Creates Opportunity to be Brave

5. Travel Improves Ability to Learn in School

*6. Travel Makes Kids More Adaptable

7. Travel Provides a New Sense of Responsibility

*8. Travel is a Break from Technology

*9. Travel Opens Minds


Here's the link to the original article at Thomson Family Adventure.


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