PopSugar Lists Our City Boxes as an item You'll Wish You Could Get Your Hands On

Posted by Johnny Wong on

[January 16, 2017 Las Vegas, NV]
PopSugar Moms is a popular destination for Mothers seeking information from Health, Wellness, Product Info, Techniques, Methods, and more.
After what essentially was our 'Launch' at the ABC Kids Show in Las Vegas, it was tremendous for us to see that PopSugar came by our Exhibit, and took numerous pictures of our designs as well as ask questions about the brand. A few weeks after the show, they sent us an email letting us know they picked our storage boxes as one of 130 items they coined "... an item You'll Wish You Could Get Your Hands On"! There were over 10,000 items at this behemoth of a Baby/Kids Trade Show, which takes place each year in Las Vegas and is the biggest tradeshow in which all the serious brands, from tiny like ours, to huge like Hasbro, go to show the Buyers and the Press.

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