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Bird is an optimist, always looking for the joy and inspiration in things. While reserved and shy at times, underneath lies an inner flame and passion for finding the beauties in life and in others.

enchanted bird

About Us

kaikai & ash designs storage boxes for kids rooms. Our current line-up of animal-themed boxes were inspired by our daughter’s love for animals, and her laziness to cleanup after herself!

We had so much fun making these, that we’ve dived right into our next collections already, so stay tuned this winter 2015!

Looks like we may be starting a nice little company out of this!

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elegant deer

playful penguin

Penguin just can't help himself when he breaks into song and dance. He gets caught up in the excitement of the moment, and wants everyone else to feel that way, too. That's why he's so generous with his time and energy when it comes to encouraging others.

witty elephant

Elephant is an explorer, always touching and examining the world around him with cool rationalism and spirited curiosity. He finds no greater joy than in tinkering and building things. What motivates him is an inner desire to make life easier for others through his projects.



Hippo is the most popular person in the group. He is unwavering in his support for friends and loved ones, to make sure everyone is well taken care of. His heart is generous, and at any given moment, he'd choose to do good for people rather than for himself.
Dolphin is that rare breed whom aspires to make a positive difference in the world. A born diplomat, Dolphin has a burning sense of idealism and morality. He sees helping others as his purpose in life, engaging in rescue efforts, charity work, and community efforts.
Peacock is a true artist. She uses aesthetics and design to express her views and feelings. Often times it means she's pushing the limits on expected, social norms. Peacock is most happy when not conforming, and needs to be alone at times to reconnect with her mind and thoughts.

happy hippo

soaring dolphin

beautiful peacock

special features

Deer is a true free spirit. She's often the life of the party, but for the social and emotional connection she makes with others. Charming and compassionate, Deer's presence is felt when she's around!
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Toy Storage box for kid's with BIG personalities!


Beautifully sewn, canvas toy boxes.


More boxes, less clutter! Restore the living space you used to have. 

We use a durable, earth-tone canvas that adds warmth and decor to their room.

Large 13" box makes it easy for kids to toss away their toys, literally!

Our Animals have Personality!

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